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About R & R Home Inspections

R & R Home Inspection was started by the two Roberts, Stockert and Miller, who are both Tampa natives. Robert Stockert is the chief inspector on staff and oversees the inspection and processing of reports on a day to day basis. He has 8 years of inspector experience, starting his career working with  an engineering firm overlooking multimillion dollar remediation projects. This history in the field of construction gives the team insight and, most importantly,  hands on experience to better understand the varying practices and fundamental building blocks of private homes and commercial buildings alike. At R & R, we feel blessed to have the knowledge and ability to serve our clients with diligence and professionalism.


Our Process.

What to consider as a current or potential homeowner:

  • What is the general condition of the home?

  • What are the conditions of the major systems of the home(PLUMBING, HVAC, ELECTRICAL, ETC.)?

  • How old is the roof? How long will it last before needing replacement? 

  • Are there any unsafe conditions in the home?


New Construction Inspections

Here at R&R, we have overseen the construction of homes from the foundation pour, to the rough-in plumbing and electrical, to the final product-- let us insure that no out of standard practices are used during the construction of your home.


Crawlspace and Attic Inspections Included

Don't be overcharged by other inspection companies; the crawlspace and attic spaces should be traversed at no additional fee to you! 

On-Site Walkthroughs

We take pride in the presentation of information to you, our client, at the end of your inspection! There is a lot of information you may find surprising about your home/potential home. Let us walk you through th


The Finishing


 We pride ourselves on accurate and detailed assessments. We hope that our inspectors can provide an insight that alleviates stress in buying, selling, and maintaining a home. 


Our Quality Guarantee

What to consider as a current or potential homeowner:

Owning and maintaining a home can be daunting, as a home is one of the largest investments a person can make in their lifetime. At R & R, our goal is to provide fully-inclusive reports that give homeowners an insight and confidence in understanding their homes by identifying defects, making recommendations for remediation, and giving an accurate image of the condition of the home and its many facets on the date of the inspection.

Create your dream home.
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